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Treating you at all levels




Treatments Available

Body Treatments

Body Massage

Aromatherapy​ Massage

Indian Head Massage


Atlas re-alignment

Leg length re-alignment

£40 - £70 ​  

Energy Medicine Treatments

Reiki Healing

Energy clearing/re-balancing

Theta Healing

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Attuning to Full Potential (AFT)


The Healing Code

Optimum Health Balance

£40 - £70

Emotional/Mental Wellbeing



Five Awakenings Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

                          £40 - £70

Clients' Testimonials

The Warner Street Practice in Accrington along with the name Stella Baron was given to me by a good friend and I'm so thankful. Having had three treatments of Reiki with Stella and feeling better than I've felt for a long time, I can't recommend this wonderful lady to people enough. The treatment room is lovely and peaceful and Stella puts the client at ease straight away with kindness and care. Just the contact with Stella makes one feel so much better and that's before any treatment begins ! If you're in need of some TLC, then Stella's the lady you need to make an appointment with. 

Debbie Thornhill

Fantastic treatment very thorough really takes time for you and very professional and knowledgeable 

 Wonderful Therapist, Counsellor Teacher and Healer. 

highly recommend sessions with Stella. She's a credit to our profession

Justina Hamilton

Tracey Jones​

I've been seeing Stella for around a year now and it's truly been an amazing journey. Stella has shown me the skills to unlock my true potential and show how special and loved we all are.

She takes the time to truly invest herself in your own spiritual and self healing journey and I'm so grateful to have met her.

I have recently completed the level one Reiki Atunement which was a magical experience.

If anyone was to ever want just a bit of "me" time, relaxation or explore their own spiritual journey Stella would be the first person I think of to help with that. Truly a fabulous woman 

Sharman Laycoc​k

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